I am a Ph.D. student in iQua at the Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering in the University of Toronto,advised by Baochun Li. I received my bachelor degree from Department of CSE in Shanghai Jiao Tong University. During my undergraduate studies, I was a research intern at John Hopcroft Center for Computer Science, advised by Liyao Xiang. Previously, I took a research fellowship at Max Planck Society, advised by Yiting Xia and Binghang Yuan. My research interests are in data privacy, system security, Trustworthy ML, and decentralized trust technologies. I’m interested in solving problems with real-world use cases, facilitating full-stack solutions for data privacy and system security in modern decentralized and AI oriented ecosystem.

Teaching Experience

Teaching Assistant

University of Toronto

  • ECE243 Computer Organization
  • CSC263 Data Structures and Analysis
  • CSC148 Introduction to Computer Science

Shanghai Jiao Tong University

  • MA500 Application of Fuzzy Math
  • CS214 Algorithm and Complexity
  • EE447 Mobile Internet


Shanghai Jiao Tong University

  • CS154 C++ Programming
  • CS149 Data Structure

Academic Guidance

  • Academic committee in the School of Electronic Information and Electrical Engineering, Shanghai Jiao Tong University. 2020-2022
  • Study assistance committee in the School of Electronic Information and Electrical Engineering, Shanghai Jiao Tong University. 2018-2022
  • Student committee under Shanghai Jiao Tong University Office of Undergraduate Education. 2020-2021.

Honors and Academic Awards



  • Kwok Sau Po Scholarship. 2023
  • Czeslaw and Irene Klawe Scholarship. 2023
  • Ewing Rae Graduate Scholarship. 2023
  • Edward S. Rogers Sr. Graduate Scholarships. 2022, 2023, 2024.


  • Alumni Scholarship. 2021
  • HuaWei Scholarship. 2020
  • East Dong Businiess Scholarship. 2019
  • Shanghai Jiao Tong University ABC Scholarships (B). 2019, 2020, 2021

Travel Grants

  • School of Graduate Studies (SGS) Conference Grant, University of Toronto. 2024


  • Shanghai Jiao Tong University Outstanding Graduates. 2022
  • National Outstanding College Student Project of Innovation. 2022
  • Honor for outstanding students in the School of Electronic Information and Electrical Engineering. 2018, 2019, 2020, 2021
  • Third prize in 17th “Challenger” Shanghai Collegiate Science and Technology Competition. 2021.
  • Honorable Mention in Interdisciplinary Contest in Modeling. 2020
  • First prize in China Collegiate Mathematics contest. 2019
  • First prize in National Olympiad in Informatics in Provinces. 2017
  • First prize in Minds and Hands: engineering better life by MIT. 2017
  • Second prize in Shanghai Adolescents Science and Technology Innovation Contest. 2017

Professional Services

Paper Review


  • 2024 the Thirty-eighth Annual Conference on Neural Information Processing Systems (NeurIPS).
  • 2024, 2023 IEEE/ACM International Symposium on Quality of Service (IWQoS).
  • 2024 Network and Operating System Support for Digital Audio and Video (NOSSDAV).
  • 2024 IEEE/CVF Conference on Computer Vision and Pattern Recognition (CVPR).
  • 2023 IEEE International Conference on Data Mining (ICDM).
  • 2023 ACM Multimedia Systems Conference (MMSys).
  • 2022 IEEE the 8th International Conference on Computer and Communications (ICCC).


  • IEEE Transactions on Dependable and Secure Computing (TDSC).
  • IEEE Transactions on Network Science and Engineering (TNSE).
  • Transactions on Machine Learning Research (TMLR).


  • Mitacs Accelerate Program
  • UofT ZJU Joint Seed Fund


  • Shanghai Marathon, 2020.
  • International volunteer in Sri Lanka, in 2019. Watch on Bilibili.